As supermoms, it sometimes feels like stress is simply a part of the job. In fact, studies show that married women report higher levels of stress versus single women, with one in three mothers experiencing extreme stress as compared to one in five single women.

Yes, the challenges of motherhood can feel tough, but that doesn’t mean they’re insurmountable. With the right support in place, we can conquer anything.

The first step is being open and honest with ourselves about the pain points. Once we acknowledge what’s going on, we can seamlessly take the next steps towards lasting improvement.

Here are five common stressors and how to combat them:


1. Not Prioritizing Time Management

With all the errands and meetings and family meals we need to prepare for, it’s so easy for everything to overlap one another. When that happens, our schedules can get out of control, causing stress to pile up.

To get ahead of this, it’s incredibly important to allot enough time for you to accomplish each task. Feel free to experiment at first in order to find the right timing that works for you. After all, you know you best!

As an exercise, try plotting your schedule for the day either the night before or the morning of. It also helps to write everything on a whiteboard for your entire family to see. If you don’t have one, try keeping a journal with all the important details you need to remember.

Whatever route works best for you, take the time to really go into detail so that you can easily visualize your day. When you have a solid plan of attack, you’ll feel way more unstoppable.


2. Never Saying No

With the lines of home and work getting blurred due to the pandemic, we can sometimes find ourselves pouring way too much energy into our work lives. When we get lost in that trap, we end up neglecting our family’s needs and our own wellbeing. On top of that, overworking can contribute to poor blood circulation, higher cholesterol, and heart problems just to name a few.

To combat this, we suggest creating a work cutoff time for yourself. Once this hour hits, it’s time to drop what you’re doing, spend some time with your family, and get some rest. It might feel tough to separate from work at first, but trust us, this tactic will pay off in the long run. 


3. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is our natural recharge. However, as a mom, especially a new one, a good night’s rest can be few and far between. Studies show, though, that a good night’s sleep can improve your health in so many ways. Plus, it’s free and feels really really nice.

Still, it can be tough to get in a healthy amount of sleep. Aside from the examples mentioned, excessive social media use at night can affect us greatly if we’re not careful. Research shows that this can contribute to higher levels of anxiety and depression, leading to poor quality of sleep.

We know it’s tough, especially when you want to unwind after a long day. But as a middle ground, try setting aside all technology at least one hour before you plan to fall asleep. Instead, try reading a book or listening to some of your favorite music. Doing these in place of looking at a screen will allow your brain to power down and drift off into dreamland much easier.


4. Ignoring an Active Lifestyle

We understand this is tough to accomplish given all the constraints of quarantine. But there are loads of life hacks available to help us! Whether you go with something like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or jump rope workouts, a little creativity can go a long way when it comes to fitness.

Don’t forget to keep it light at the beginning. Start with simple 15-minute workouts to get the heart pumping. This can be a light cardio or aerobic session. Do this for about a week.

Once you feel strong and confident, increase your exercise time to 30 minutes. At this point, you can challenge yourself with an increased load and add other activities to your routine such as yoga or running.

The best advice here is to start small and build on your progress little by little. Don’t bite off more than you can chew or else you run the risk of losing interest and not sustaining your exercise habits. With the right mindset, you’ll be seeing improvements in no time. After all, exercise promotes healthy skin and gives you that natural eye-catching glow.


5. Neglecting the Nutrients We Need

When things get busy, one of the most common problems we can encounter is skipping meals. And we’ve been there! When meetings and errands pile up, it’s so easy to forget taking in the proper nourishment you need for the day—this includes taking in the proper vitamins and minerals.

So if you’re looking for a place to start, start by adding some Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin E to your diet.

You’ll find all of these in Fortima, a do-it-all vitamin that’s designed to be your everyday source of strength—especially against getting sick. Plus, by adding this to your daily routine, you can combat the harsh effects of fatigue and stress so much better.

Because with a partner like Fortima by our side, supermom stress can be a thing of the past.

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