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What is inside Fortima®?

Fortima contains 500 mg Sodium Ascorbate (non-acidic Vitamin C), 27.5 mg Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate (equivalent to 10 mg elemental Zinc) and 22 I.U. d-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate (Vitamin E).

How much is Fortima®?

SRP per tablet – Php 12.50

Trial Pack (Box of 8 tabs) – Php 100.00

Everyday Pack (Box of 30 tabs) – Php 350

Where can I buy Fortima®?

Fortima is available in leading beauty stores, drugstores, and supermarkets nationwide. You may also purchase online in https://shop.ulssi.com.ph and ULSSI Official E-commerce stores in Lazada, Shopee, and Tiktok.

When is the best time to take Fortima®?

Take one (1) tablet orally, any time of the day, everyday. Best if taken after meals.

Is it effective to drink Fortima® once every 2 days?

Taking 1 tablet every 2 days may not give the best results. It is recommended that you take it once daily

What are the benefits of (Vitamin E + Vitamin C + Zinc) Fortima®?

The unique combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Zinc helps keep your body strong and helps keep your skin healthy, para laging mukhang fresh kahit busy all day!

Vitamin C helps brighten the skin.
Vitamin E helps keep skin smooth and moisturized.
Zinc helps fight toxins.

Can I take Fortima® with other vitamins/supplements?

Yes, it is generally safe to take Fortima with other vitamin E and C supplements. Always check the labels of the supplements you take to ensure that you take the right amount of vitamins daily.

Who can take Fortima®?

All adults 18 and above can take Fortima daily.

Can Fortima® be taken by pregnant or lactating women?

Fortima is generally safe for breastfeeding and pregnant women, but we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking any vitamins since they are in the best position to prescribe medicines/vitamins depending on your specific condition.

Can Fortima® be taken by men?

Yes. Just like women, men also need supplementation to boost skin health and immunity.