Up to today, traditional schooling is still the most popular form of education in the country. But with the ongoing pandemic, more and more parents and students are getting an idea of what homeschooling can look like. At a time when traditional schooling setups are starting to share similarities with homeschooling, some parents are now curious about which setup is more conducive to learning. If you are still unsure about which setup you think is best, keep reading and let’s walk through the pros and cons of both.


Pros of Homeschooling

  • Homeschooling gives you control over your children’s education.
  • With the right teaching approach, you can provide an education that caters to unique learning styles, which is important because each child learns differently.
  • Homeschooling focuses on learning and mastering concepts, not scoring good grades. With less pressure to perform well in tests and exams, kids may find more joy in learning.
  • You can single out your child and focus on their gifted areas and talents.
  • You will have more time to bond with your children since you will be their teacher.
  • Homeschooling can be flexible. Due to advancement in technology, there is now the option to work or study remotely, which is perfect for parents who have irregular work schedules.

Cons of Homeschooling

  • One parent needs to stay at home to guide their children through their lessons.
  • Homeschooling is very time consuming. As a parent you may find that this setup leaves you less time for yourself and for your work. 
  • Parents will need to find a way for their children to socialize with other kids their age as they will not get to experience having classmates. 
  • Not all homeschooling situations are created equal. Some families may not have access to gadgets, reliable internet, and online learning resources.

Taking your children’s education into your own hands is definitely a challenging task. It’s challenging especially if you are new to it and have recently transitioned your children from traditional schooling. But not to worry, you will soon get the hang of it and there’s tons of homeschooling programs and online community support groups to help homeschooling parents such as ‘Homeschoolers of the Philippines’ and ‘Homeschooling For First Timers’ both of which are accessible via Facebook.

Pros of Traditional Schooling

  • It provides a whole staff of educated and trained professionals to be teachers to your children.
  • It prepares kids for the real world as it often requires their students to collaborate with each other in groups. 
  • It promotes interaction between students so they may accomplish tasks together. This is important because it provides their students the social skills and problem-solving skills needed in future work environments. 
  • As your children get older, they will also require less supervision and intervention from parents, allowing them to be more independent. 
  • Both parents can work full-time if needed.
  • Some schools offer after school activities such as arts, sports, and music which can help enrich your children’s learning experience.

Cons of Traditional Schooling

  • Your child may get less one-on-one help from teachers as class sizes can be quite large. Because of this, some gifted kids don’t get the focus and attention they need to maximize their strengths and talents. 
  • A student’s success is often defined by their performance in tests and exams rather than their overall understanding and mastery of a subject.
  • Special needs students are not always provided with all the things required for a conducive learning experience. 
  • Teachers sometimes use teaching approaches that are not a perfect fit to all the learning styles of their students.
  • Some traditional schools may teach a different value system than you do at home.
  • Student schedules need to mirror that of the school. If a student misses school for an extended amount of time, they will have to work harder to catch up with their classmates.
  • Private schools are expensive. And even after paying for tuition fees, parents may also need to pay for things like uniforms, class project requirements, and school events.

If you so choose to send your children to a traditional school, it would be very helpful to do some research on the school before enrolling them. You may schedule a meeting with the school administration so you may ask them all the important questions you need to know. You may even ask for a tour of the campus with your child, so that both of you can get a better sense if the school’s environment would be a good fit or not.

Now you may be wondering about which setup is actually better, homeschooling or traditional schooling? To be honest, both setups have their fair share of pros and cons, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to which setup works best for you and your kids. No matter which setup we choose for our children, we will always be involved in their learning process one way or another. Be it by helping them out with homework, tutoring them for a quiz, or instilling them with our values.

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So whichever learning setup we go for, let’s always remember that we parents are our children’s first teachers and our home is their first school. And as parents we can do wonders by teaching our children to be kind, patient, caring, curious, and loving people. And we can do this by leading through the power of our actions and our words. Together we can raise the next generation to be the best versions that they can be.

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