The pandemic and lockdown may have changed the way you live, but it won’t stop you from getting to that next level in your life as a super woman. 

With that in mind, you need to keep yourself healthy and strong. Taking vitamins and minerals are more important than ever now. But with all the brands out there, it can be confusing as to which ones are essential. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

To look good and feel good, here are our recommendations.


Vitamin E

We hear about this vitamin all the time. It’s mostly linked to products that promote skin care and maintenance. What is Vitamin E anyway?

D-alpha tocopheryl succinate, more commonly known as Vitamin E, is an antioxidant that prevents the production of reactive oxygen species, which are bad molecules that damage the collagen our skin produces. 

Not only does it help in protecting your body, but it really does bring out your healthy skin. Studies show that Vitamin E has skin stabilizing properties which help in both forming cells and protecting them from external forces such as environmental toxins.

It can be found in various food sources like seeds, nuts, and some fruits like mangoes. So eat up and get stronger!


Vitamin C

For sure, you already know a lot about Vitamin C and where it comes from. It’s one of those everyday vitamins that everyone takes. Dosages up to 500mg per day are even encouraged!

Sodium Ascorbate, more commonly known as Vitamin C, helps in the development and repair of body tissues. It also helps in developing and formation of collagen—the tissue that holds the body together. Collagen helps the firmness and smoothness of the skin.

It is also known as the matchup against the common cold. Although it isn’t necessarily a cure for it, studies show that it helps prevent serious complications like pneumonia and lung infections that can form from the sickness. 

Vitamin C is mostly found in citrus-rich foods like oranges and lemons. They can also be found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.



Zinc is a nutrient that can’t be stored or produced in your body. You have to get a constant supply from your food and diet. Even though that is the case, Zinc is quite important because it is required in numerous processes for your body’s natural growth and development.

Zinc isn’t that hard to get, but there are a lot of people who do lack zinc in their daily diets. Studies have shown that over 2 billion people have zinc deficiencies due to the lack of it in their daily dietary intake. Symptoms of this deficiency include: diarrhea, thinning hair, decreased appetite, dry skin, and fertility issues. Zinc can be easily found in shellfish, most meat and fish, and mushrooms. So it’s important to keep yourself healthy with a nice balanced diet.

Zinc is very helpful in many aspects. It helps boost your immunity by strengthening your cell functions and signaling. It accelerates wound healing because of its role in collagen production.

Get the Lakas and Ganda You Need
With Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin E, you can have a stronger immune system because of the attributes we’ve discussed. Their synergistic properties help you build a strong body as well, because of the nutrients that can be found in them. Vitamin C and Zinc together help with the brain’s synaptic activity as well as detoxification, effectively boosting Zinc’s immunity powers. Vitamin C and E help with antioxidants and will give you a skin care winner. Skin care is easier with the combination of these collagen-producing vitamins and minerals. It is a combination that helps you bring out the best in you.

Now, feeling like a superwoman all day long is possible because you have the foundations you need to get it done. You can take your powers to the next level with these vitamins and minerals. Luckily, there are supplements like Fortima that will definitely give you all the essential vitamins to stay strong, stay beautiful, and most importantly, stay a superwoman!

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